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Cefn Hengoed is an 11-16 mixed comprehensive school, with seven partner primary schools. Students generally continue their education through Swansea College, though some go to similar colleges in Gorseinon and Neath. The school serves a large and diverse catchment area on the east side of Swansea, stretching from the docks up towards the hills. It includes many different types of housing and has on its borders an important retail facility, as well as almost immediate access to the Swansea Enterprise Zone.

Cefn Hengoed is increasing in popularity with parents and pupils in Swansea. Pupil numbers are rising steadily despite declining demographic trends and we are seeing an increase in the number of "preferred placements" i.e. pupils from other catchment areas requesting a place at Cefn Hengoed. The school roll currently stands at 922.

The school has 57 teaching staff and 55 associate staff. We review the position of every member of the teaching and associate staff every year. A number of changes were agreed following this process during the summer term resulting in changes in the staffing and positions of responsibility with a view to increasing the efficiency of the school and promoting the school improvement agenda.

This has been an area of considerable change in recent months, and there is every reason to assume that further changes will take place. The Leadership Team is made up of the Headteacher, a Deputy Headteacher, an Assistant Headteacher and the Business Manager. Responsibilities are shared. They are supported in their work by other senior colleagues. The Lower, Middle, and Upper School Learning Coordinators, the Inclusion Manager and the Heads of Core Subjects, form the school's Extended Leadership Team.

The Governing Body draws upon the many different parts of the community that have an interest in the success of the school. They are unswervingly committed to the achievement of all the students and believe, without question, that the school should reflect the aspirations of the whole community. They are involved in all aspects of the school's work and through their many different committees offer their perspectives on the issues that the school must address. Regular meetings are held and are characterised by an atmosphere of respect and by the promotion of achievement in all its forms.

Ours is a well established community with traditional values which is, in many ways, one of its strengths. It cares for the many different people who live and work within it, and has clear aspirations for its children. We have our problems, of course we do. We live and work in the less prosperous part of Swansea and this has implications for us all. But many of our families have lived here for many years and have an important emotional investment in the progress of the area. Employment priorities and opportunities are changing. Old certainties are disappearing. A new future beckons for the East Side, and the community wants the school to play a central part in this exciting future.

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